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Political participation is a cornerstone of American democracy-your voice, your vote, and your opinion matter. Here are three steps to get started:

1. Use the Tools - Try out our Register to Vote, Find Your Elected Officials, and Find Your Candidates search engines.

2. Exercise Your Voice - Remember to vote on or before November 8th! Use the additional voting resources on this site, including information on Early Voting, Find Your Polling Place, or Download An Absentee Ballot.

3. Spread the Word - Grassroots advocacy only works if you spread the word. Talk with your colleagues, friends, and family about participating in the process.

We hope that by providing non-partisan and non-biased information, you will take time to learn about the issues, use the tools provided to take action, and spread the word by encouraging others to become active. Political participation is the cornerstone of American democracy. Your participation matters.

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